About Me

Stacey portrait 300H

Stacey Kite

  • I have been a red and white Eagle, a purple and gold Husky, and an orange and white Vol (which, for an embarrassingly long time, I thought was a small furry mammal.)
  • I share space with one wonderful husband, two cats, and Kali—a black and white hound with an appetite for used paper products and plastic.  Kali (a.k.a. Princess Prancing Wiggle Butt) will have no problem surviving the zombie apocalypse.   The cats, however, will be in serious trouble.
  • I have been a clown (literally–you don’t want to know), a chemistry lab assistant, a Nuclear Power School Instructor in the U. S. Navy, and am a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine, a professional artist and a writer (presently amateur status, but striving for professional.)  Weird–but all true
  • I’m not really blond–I was working on another portrait at the same time and didn’t feel like cleaning the brush.
  • Despite my age (which we are not mentioning),  I’m still a little kid inside, which may be why I love picture books and playing with paint.  But there’s a big part of me that will always be fourteen and that part loves YA!

You can find my blog posts at WriteOwls.com, a group blog loaded with cool stuff.